Being Catholic

Dear Friends,

A lot has been on my mind and on my heart. I figured a blog post would be a great way to share with you some thoughts on how my journey in Catholicism is going so far.

Recently, I had spent some brief time away from social media just so I can refocus and pray. This time of being away from social media was a real blessing because it taught me a lot and it helped me understand some of what’s been going on in my own spiritual life.

First of all, I’d like to thank my dearly departed mother (+RIP), as well as my grandparents and other family members who helped me journey in Catholicism especially when I was young. You have taught me so much which I continue to carry with me to this very day the many lessons learned.

I have to be honest, my journey in Catholicism has not been easy. Twice in my life I had actually left the Church for brief periods of time to do some soul searching and to find God. I realized that I can’t find God in the distractions and temptations of the world. It was in these moments where Satan has tried to get my soul.

In my life, I have done many things for which I am not proud of but I have come to know God’s love and mercy through the Sacraments of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.  I admit that I am a sinner who has fallen many times and continues to fall but with God’s hand guiding me along the way, I can get back up and continue on the right path.

In my journey in Catholicism, I have been fortunate to attend retreats and go on pilgrimages. Retreats and Pilgrimages tend to create a high or mountaintop experience as some people like to refer to them as. However I have learned that the Catholic faith in my life and family doesn’t stop just because the retreat or pilgrimage is over. It is something that must be lived daily.

At different times in my life, I have had various people try to tell me how I should be living my life or my faith. How I choose to live out my life and faith is between myself and God.

People tend to have high expectations for their loved ones and friends. I believe that it is important to allow your family and friends to experience life and faith at their own pace in God’s time. Yes, we may not agree with how a person chooses to live their life or express their faith but it’s not our job to force others to align with our way of thinking. My advice if you are ever in this situation, pray for the person, gently encourage them, and offer to be there if they have questions or concerns.

When looking back on when I was young, I realized that my mom, grandparents, and other family members only wanted what is best for me. They did their best to make sure that I experienced life and faith at my own pace.

In my adult years, Catholicism still is a very important part of my life and it is something I will never turn my back on. I have attended various parishes throughout the years but the current parish I attend is a traditional Catholic parish.  At my parish, the Traditional Latin Mass is celebrated daily. I have also attended the Latin Mass that is offered through the London Latin Mass Apostolate.  I am very grateful for access to the Latin Mass because I get to experience the liturgy in a way that would have been celebrated when my grandparents were younger and those before them. The traditional liturgy has become an important part of my life as a Catholic. When attending a Traditional Latin Mass, there is reverence and beauty within the liturgy. You’d find women veiling, large families with their children praying and following in their missals. To me, this is what Catholicism is all about. Not the watered down faith you find in some parishes.  Please know I am not judging those who choose to attend Novus Ordo parishes. Either way, when the liturgy is done right, it can be a beautiful experience for one and all.

I know that there have been people who have shared their concerns over my decision to attend a traditional Catholic parish. I am never going to turn my back on the Church. In my years of being a Catholic, I have come to learn that we each experience it differently whether it be liturgy or language. I just choose to experience Catholicism according to it’s traditions pre-Vatican II. Those of you who know me will know that I am not a supporter of modernism, liberalism, or heresy in the Church.

Some have accused me of being a sedevacantist just because I favor the way the Catholic Church was pre-Vatican II.  I will be honest, I do not fully understand Sedevacantism. I continue to learn and grow in my Catholic faith while studying all aspects of the faith while listening to those in favor and those against life before and after Vatican II.  Does this mean I am a sedevacantist? No.  I believe it’s important to be educated. What I am though is……..


Where I choose to attend Mass or how I live out my Catholic faith is between me and God. I believe that one day I will be in front of God and I will have to account for my entire life. Please do not judge me for how I choose to live out my Catholic faith. God is the only judge. However, I do ask for continued prayer and support as I continue to search for truth.

What I will say is that I am very careful when it comes to my faith.  The devil can attack at any time so I do my best to guard myself with the faith through liturgy, private prayer, discussions with clergy and fellow Catholics whether it be local or abroad, and being involved in the life of my parish.

I am very grateful for my Catholic friends and family who continue to journey alongside me as I continue to search for truth.

One thing I’ve learned is that I need to stop worrying about what other people think of me or my decisions.  I am my own person and if I need help along the way, I will ask.

Our Lady of Fatima and St Pope Pius X, ora pro nobis.



The Past Life of Michael Voris

Dear Friends,

A couple days ago, I began a social media fast which will be done Monday or Tuesday. I just wanted to take some time to speak to the story that many Catholics seem to be discussing online.

Michael Voris of has recently revealed about his past lifestyle and that the Archdiocese of New York is out to get him. You can click on the link to read the story in more detail.  So many people have already reported on the story: VoxCantoris, AKACatholic, and many others.

I don’t know what else I can say except that as a friend of Michael and a brother in Christ, I stand with him and ChurchMilitant as they march forward in dealing with this matter.  Michael, I don’t know if you will read this but I am very proud of you of standing up and defending yourself against those who wish to do you wrong.  Although I do not condone what happened in your past, I believe it should’ve stayed there in the past. You have already come so far. It is such a shame that you have been forced to drag all of this out in the open now. However, I think you made the right move.

Please be assured of my prayers for you and ChurchMilitant as you continue to march on forward in defending your name and credibility.

As mentioned earlier, I’ve been been on a social media fast so I don’t know exactly everything that has been said about this matter but I do know there are people out there who have aligned themselves with Michael and ChurchMilitant for so many years but are now turning their backs on him in his darkest hour. What a way to twist the knife.

As Catholics, We may not always agree with one another but we need to stand by our brother in Christ and pray for him during this time. I invite you to continue supporting him in any way possible.

To Michael, In the words of Vox on his blog post about this matter,

God Love You . God Keep You. God Bless You.

The fact the Archdiocese of New York wants to ruin the credibility and name of this brother in Christ makes me disgusted. To me this seems really low. Doesn’t the Archdiocese have better things to do?

Something tells me that unfortunately this will not be the end of the story.

One final thought and if you’d like, I invite you to pray this:

St. Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
and do thou,
O Prince of the heavenly hosts,
by the power of God,
thrust into hell Satan,
and all the evil spirits,
who prowl about the world
seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

I better get back to my social media fast. I will see you in a few days.

Sincerely in the Immaculatae,

Joe Sales

Missal Cover

Dear Friends,

Back in November 2015, I had first learned of Leah’s Legacy through the blog, A Catholic Life. I was really impressed with the designs that Alyssa Lehmann had created for covers. I thought it was pretty neat that she created covers for bibles, missals, breviaries, Magnificat, and so much more.

I had put out a notice on my blog to see if anyone would be interested in helping with donating a missal cover so I could review on my blog. I never did hear anything back in regards to that post so I decided to let it go.

A couple weeks or so ago, Alyssa had contacted me via email informing me that an anonymous donor had come forward offering to purchase a customized cover for my missal.  I received it today and I am very excited to finally have it. Thank you to the anonymous donor for this awesome gift.

When Alyssa had contacted me and informed me about the missal cover being donated by an anonymous donor, I was very surprised and blown away. I wasn’t sure what I wanted the cover to look like so I browsed through her store for some ideas.

I finally came up with the following design for my cover:

On the Front, A Crown with the Ave Maria symbol and the words “Ad Jesum Per Mariam (To Jesus Through Mary”. On the back, I had a pocket placed so I can insert a Holy Card. Under the holy card pocket is my name, Joe Sales.

I recently had a friend who asked me, which Holy Card would you put in first? Well, I put my moms’ funeral mass card in there. The way I looked at it, it was fitting because the front symbolizes my devotion to my spiritual mother, The Blessed Virgin Mary. As for the funeral mass card in the back, it’s a way to remember my mom who passed away in November 2012. When I decide to switch the Holy Card, I will place St Pius X in there next,

I am very excited to have received this beautiful gift. Just the overall look and feel gives me the feeling that a lot of prayer and hard work went into this.

My St. Andrew Daily Missal (’45 reprint) fits perfectly.

Thank you Alyssa for your beautiful ministry to others. If you’re looking for something similar, Alyssa Lehmann of Leah’s Legacy has got you “covered”. If you order, let her know Joe Sales sent you.


Mother Angelica

Dear Friends,

This past week around the world, people have been mourning but also thanking God for the life of Mother Mary Angelica , the founder of EWTN.

I have been trying to find the words to write for this post but I am having difficulty trying to express my feelings about the events of this past week. Please bear with me as I try to relay my thoughts.

I remember growing up and hearing about EWTN and a nun who knew how to be funny but also knew how to be serious when it came to very important matters especially Catholicism but also the state of our souls. It was only a few years ago that I first tuned into EWTN. Low and behold, it was that same Nun who was on TV that I heard about when I was growing up.

It was Mother Angelica Live Classics that was on. Watching these episodes was a new experience each and every time as I always found that I learned something different and had something to take away from it. I also remember the many times I tuned in for the Rosary while she was leading the prayers.  I for one will never forget the lessons she taught me even though it was over the air.

Mother Angelica was and continues to be a blessing to many people around the world. She will be missed. We maybe mourning the loss of such a beautiful woman but we need to remember the life she lived, the faith she shared, and the love she gave.

Speaking of Mother Angelica, I ordered a book called “Praying with Mother Angelica: Meditations on the Rosary, Way of the Cross, and other prayers”. I look forward to receiving it. It will be my very first book by Mother Angelica. I look forward to reading it.

For those who knew Mother Angelica personally, professionally, or through EWTN on air, will carry Mother Angelica in their hearts.

Mother Angelica, Please know that I am praying for you and please pray for me too. I know this will be in God’s time but I look forward to the day when we can meet,

I invite those who read this post to join with me in praying for the repose of the soul of Mother Angelica.

Farewell to you, our friend. Your work here now is through, we’ll keep you in our hearts, With love, may God bless You!

Mother Mary Angelica, Ora pro nobis


The True North Strong and Free

Dear Friends,

Let me start of by saying I love being Canadian at times. However, I am very disgusted by Canada right now. As I have always understood, we have been a country to welcome everyone no matter what their race, abilities or disabilities are.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Montoya Family as they were denied permanent residency here in Canada because the 13 yr old son has down syndrome and his medical expenses were going to be too much on tax payers. This is ridiculous. You can find out more about the story here.

This makes me disgusted because there are already individuals who currently reside in this country who have physical or intellectual disabilities. Really, what is one more individual or maybe another 2,500 going to do? I believe that all people who live here in Canada have a right to have access to health care and other services no matter how much it costs.

I understand that in certain cases, medical expenses can skyrocket for any number of reasons. I was listening to the national anthem just recently and one line stuck out at me:

True North Strong and Free

Canada has lost touch with what it means to be Canadian in the True North and what it means to be strong and free. With the way things are headed, I am actually kind of ashamed of this country. To practice one’s faith, to defend the sanctity of life, etc… are just some examples of rights that are being taken away.  Now a days, Canada is a place where one can come and receive assistance to die, have a life killed via abortion, be involved in illegal activity, and so much more.

Our country shouldn’t be denying a right for it’s citizens to live in this country because of a disability. That is just wrong.  People who have disabilities whether it be physical or intellectual have all sorts of abilities. A lot of people forget that. People who have disabilities are people too and they help make our country great. I believe people with disabilities need to be included in our country and it’s communities. Canada should not be a place where one is segregated because of a disability.

Canada is too busy focusing on allowing refugees into the country. Not saying that’s a bad thing but what if those refugees all had down syndrome or another disability, would you deny them the right to receive the services they need too?

I think Canadian Immigration officials need to reverse their decision.  Please join me in praying for the Montoya Family.

Let’s Make Canada Great Again!

Taking Care of Ourselves

Dear Friends,

It’s important that we take care of ourselves not only physically but spiritually as well.  When we receive Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, we become living tabernacles as we bring the gospel to others in our parishes, communities, households,etc…

Scripture says:

Or know you not, that your members are the temple of the Holy Ghost, who is in you, whom you have from God; and you are not your own ?  (1 Corinthians 6:19, Douay Rheims)

I was thinking recently about what I would write for my next blog post, I thought I would write about the importance of taking care of ourselves.

When one goes to the doctor for any reason, the doctor will ask questions and either prescribe medicine or give feedback on how the patient can get better.  At one of my last appointments with my family doctor, she told me to keep exercising as it will help give me strength but also improve my overall health.

With that in mind, I was recently had come into a great opportunity to get a Fitbit Alta. I have never owned a fitbit before but it sounds like it will be a great motivator especially when it comes to exercising. I look forward to writing about this device in a future post.

Exercising is very important when it comes to being physically healthy.

Now on to taking care of yourself spiritually,  People choose to do this in different ways. For me, it’s by going to Holy Mass on Sundays and during the week (if I can), as well as spending time in private prayer , doing some spiritual reading, and meeting with other Catholic men in my parish monthly.

I invite you to take good care of yourself both physically and spiritually. It is very important we do this because it shows others just how much we care about our life and faith. Unfortunately there are others out there who don’t really care about one or the other but I encourage you to invite them to get a checkup both medically and spiritually.

Remember taking care of yourself is in your best interest. It is important that we do this because it helps us so we can continue bringing the Gospel to others.

Finally, Take your vitamins, eat three meals a day, Listen to your doctor, and spend time making your soul stronger.  This mission of being tasked with bringing the gospel to others is not a one person job. Just look at Jesus, he taught his apostles to bring the mission to the whole world. We need everyone in tip top shape.

God Bless.

Sincerely in the Immaculatae,



Rugged Rosaries by @Cordbands

Dear Friends,

As some of you may or may not know but the Rosary is one of my favorite prayers. I’ve mentioned this fact in previous posts. The power of prayer especially when you pray the Rosary can work.

Prayer is something that is not magical or superstitious. It is simply a way of conversing between a person and the Holy Trinity, Our Lady,etc….. Our Lady is a great intercessor when it comes to bringing our intentions to her son.

Over the last few years, I have been fortunate to do product reviews for Rugged Rosaries by Cordbands.  Rugged Rosaries is a great gift for loved ones or even for yourself. As we all know whether used improperly or by accident, rosaries can break. Rugged Rosaries are very strong, reliable, and durable in their design as they’re made using Military Paracord. Cordbands  is a family company owned by Shannon Doty. Cordbands was founded in October 2012 as a hobby and an idea which turned into a business.

I can personally attest to the fact that Rugged Rosaries by Cordbands have been a real blessing. I was fortunate to have received a few different items from the store over the last few years.  I have to say that my favorite product so far that I have received from them would be the Viper Paracord Rosary. The Rosary is very beautiful in it’s design and in it’s strength and durability.

Each Rosary that is made by Shannon and her family is made with a lot of prayer and made to last. Since it’s founding, Cordbands have designed various rosaries and chaplets. They have branched out to other products too such as Saint medals, Car decals, Wristbands, and yes, even wallpaper/backgrounds for your mobile device or computer.

I am very appreciative to Cordbands for their work in the Church in providing tools for people to pray with.  Although there are designs you can pick when it comes to Rosaries, Chaplets,etc.. You can have something customized to your liking. People may try to imitate but Rugged Rosaries by Cordbands are the original. They are the real deal!

Although this will be my final review for Rugged Rosaries by Cordbands, I will still continue to promote them and their products on my social media accounts.

You can find Rugged Rosaries by Cordbands on social media through the following ways: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

As a Thank you to Readers of this blog for visiting, when you make an order through Rugged Rosaries by Cordbands, you can receive a ten percent discount off your order by entering the following discount code: JOE10


Sincerely in the Immaculatae,